Our Mission

Ready, Set, Grow is committed to a creative environment where each child can grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically through discovery and exploration. Ready, Set, Grow will create opportunities which will meet the individual needs of children and families. 

Our Philosophy

In an effort to aid young individuals to reach a productive and meaningful maturity, the Center has adopted a statement of philosophy. First and foremost, Ready, Set, Grow believes that the primary teachers and most important educators are the parents. Ready, Set, Grow’s philosophy is reflective of our belief that each child will be encouraged to reach individualemotional, social, intellectual, and physical potential. Through the use of well trained staff, the Center strives to increase emotional security, facilitate social adjustment, enhance cognitive development and promote physical growth in each of its children. The Center provides a nurturing atmosphere with well- balanced and creative activities. The children are exposed to new adventures and have adequate supplies and equipment. Comprehensive safety and health regulations, as well as, nutritionally sound meals are provided. To ensure continued programsuperiority, the Center adopts the belief in continuing staff education and evaluation, community interaction, awareness and dedication to each child so that he/she will have his/her life filled with healthy worthwhile experiences.